Samsung Washer Recall

Last week Samsung announced it is recalling almost 3 million washing machines that could cause injury to users when used during certain circumstances.  So what to do if you have a Samsung washer that might be part of the recall?

-Read this article that includes everything you need to know about the washer recall: Consumer Reports

-Call Samsung at 866-264-5636, 8am-10pm ET.  Or, go to Samsung’s website for more information.  Make sure you have your serial and model number available.

-Run your washing machine at lower speeds.  Use the delicate or waterproof cycle especially for bulky/heavy items.

Dryer Deep Cleaning

Cleaning your lint trap with each cycle helps maintain the efficiency of your dryer, but cleaning the inside of the dryer and ducts is a must to maintain the efficiency and safety of your appliance.  When your dryer is not properly maintained it can cause longer drying times, overheating, and possibly a fire in your home.  If you haven’t maintained your dryer properly in the last year, give us a call to set up an appointment with a technician to have your dryer deep cleaned and inspected.